The aim and competences of the RDFs are the following:

  • The Management of Credits pertaining to the Public Investment Programme (P.I.P.); the management of government financing, of the financing of legal entities, the administration of appropriations regarding European Committee Programmes, International Organisations and other foreign bodies with respect to the Regional, Prefectural, Local and Special Development Plans of the Region.
  • The provision of Technical Assistance for the Region, which implies the elaboration of studies and surveys as well as the implementation of programmes.
  • The practice of their Cash Administration .
  • The Imposition, assessment and collection of charges, fees, dues, levies and contributions on behalf of the Fund upon the Regional Council’s approval.
  • The Participation in European Committee programmes.
  • Loan Contracting with foreign and domestic financing bodies for the performance contracts, the rendering of services and the implementation of programmes.