Administrative Bodies

The RDF-RWG is administered by the Management Board (MB) and its President. The MB’s tenure of office is four years. The MB is established by decision of the Region’s’ Secretary General and in pursuance to article 54 of the Act 2218/1994. It comprises of the following members:

  • The President of the Management Board (Secretary General)
  • A Delegate of the Local Association of Municipalities and Communities
  • A Delegate of the Local Prefectural Government
  • A Delegate of the Chambers (employers’ organisations)
  • A Delegate of the Labour Unions (labourers’ organisations)
  • Two Heads of the Region’s Bureaus appointed by the Secretary General.

The MB attends to the Fund’s affairs and interests, resolves on every topic that is relevant to its range of competences, except from the topics appertaining to the President’s exclusive purview (art. 54 of the Act 2218/1994).