Administrative Bodies

The RDF-RWG is administered by the Management Board (MB) and its President. The MB’s tenure of office is four years. The MB is established by decision of the Region’s’ Secretary General and in pursuance to article 54 of the Act 2218/1994. It comprises of the following members:

  • The President of the Management Board (Secretary General)
  • A Delegate of the Local Association of Municipalities and Communities
  • A Delegate of the Local Prefectural Government
  • A Delegate of the Chambers (employers’ organisations)
  • A Delegate of the Labour Unions (labourers’ organisations)
  • Two Heads of the Region’s Bureaus appointed by the Secretary General.

The MB attends to the Fund’s affairs and interests, resolves on every topic that is relevant to its range of competences, except from the topics appertaining to the President’s exclusive purview (art. 54 of the Act 2218/1994).


  • Department of Financial Management of Investment Programmes
  • Department of Scientific-technical assistance and Implementation of Programmes
  • Department of Financial Services
  • Department of Administration Services


Department of Financial Management of Investment Programmes

  • Participation in the preparation of the Annual Regional Public Investment Program ( ARPIP ) and the budgeting of other development programmes
  • Monitoring of the progress of the ARPIP’s performance of contracts and of the programmes as a whole from a financial point of view; compilation of regular financial progress reports pertaining to the programmes’ implementation course as well as of the annual report
  • Cooperation with the competent authorities for the transfer of the necessary credits/appropriations to the Fund, regarding for the financing of the annual Public Investment Programme.

Department of Scientific-technical assistance and Implementation of Programmes

  • Provision of Scientific and Technical assistance to the Region, and particularly in the field of the elaboration of studies-surveys and programmes for the most expedient utilization of resources
  • Participation in European Committee Programmes
  • Updating-Information and provision of technical assistance so that the RDF can be in the position to participate in European Committee programmes
  • Conducting of surveys ? elaboration of studies
  • Documentation-Statistics-Keeping a record of the surveys concerning the Region
  • Computerization and exploitation of the computer science in general, for the benefit of the Fund’s and the Region’s bureaus

Department of Financial Services

  • Preparation and auditing of the implementation of the Fund’s annual budget of revenues, expenses, projects and investments
  • Preparation of the balance sheet, annual report and profit and loss account
  • Auditing of expenditures
  • Loan Contracting
  • Auditing of revenues/expenditures, processing of the accounting work
  • Cash administration (i.e. collections-payments) of the Fund.

Department of Administration Services

  • Secretarial support of the RDF’s President and of the MB
  • Public Relations-Publicity
  • Labour-related topics, etc.