Short Description

FILES aims at improving the abilities to act pro-active on local and regional levels, especially considering employment and social sustainability, during times of economic change and restructuring. The project brings together stakeholders from four (4) European Regions that face different degrees of decline of traditional economic activities and where significant efforts are necessary to ensure that the management of change will lead to a long-term improvement of the competitiveness and economic sustainability and hence employment opportunities. Building upon Local Employment Strategies (LES) and strong regional and transnational partnerships, FILES will develop and pilot integrated and future-oriented approaches as models also for other Member State Regions.


The over-arching aim of FILES is to assist the partner regions in the implementation of their LES in a way that allows this process to contribute significantly towards the management of change in its territorial dimension.


  • Mechanisms and tools to improve anticipation and pro-action capacities of both business representatives and public bodies
  • SME support services to promote entrepreneurs’ actions towards growth and sustainability
  • Reduction of negative effects on local cohesion through the improvement of active participation of women, immigrants and young people in the labour market
  • Systems and tools for continuous management of change and labour provision

Proposed Pilot Measures

In Region of Western Greece (RWG) the following pilot measures have been proposed:

1. Forum of Social Partners 

2. Continuous vocational training for disadvantaged population groups

3. Enhancement of women’ role in the labour market


The approved overall budget of the project amounts to 2.850.000 €, while that one of the RWG partners amounts to 550.000 €.


The leader of the project comes from a German Region, while organisations from Regions of Belgium and Sweden are also participating in it. In the Western Greece area, Regional Development Fund of Region of Western Greece (RDF-RWG) will act as regional lead partner to apply the pilot measures of FILES in RWG. INE will support RDF-RWG through the organisation of a continuous forum for social partners in the area. BIC will contribute to the participation of business stakeholders and play a crucial role for the promotion of women employment. Last but not least, the EEO Group will contribute with its extensive knowledge as recognised experts for employment and structural development.


The duration of the project will be 24 months from 01/10/2005 till 30/09/2007.