Programme Description

The project WISE belongs to the framework of Innovative Measures of European Social Fund (article 6). Scope of this project is the development of an Integrated Strategy for Employment Stimulation in Western Greece Region. More....


During the implementation phase of project WISE the following workshops have been organised:

Achaia (10/11/2003)
Hleia (11/11/2003)
Aitoloakarnania (18/11/2003)
Seminar of p.s. employees (Patras, 25/10/2004)
Seminar of p.s. employees (Agrinio, 26/10/2004)
Seminar of p.s. employees (Pyrgos, 27/10/2004)

The following link includes the presentations of the 3 first Workshops. Download

The concluding conference has taken place in Patras, on 25/10/2004. The following link includes the presentations of the final conference. Download

Human Networks

In the framework of project WISE the following networks have been created:

Open Call for Participation in Network

In order to participate in a human network, please download the following form, fill in your personal data and send it back to the corresponding human network address.