Madrid DPA presents the results of e-PRODAT to the EDPS

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In a meeting held in Brussels on the 30th October 2006, the Director of Madrid Data Protection Authority (DPA) presented to the European Data Protection Supervisor the main results of the project “e-PRODAT: Best practices on e-Government and Data Protection in European Regions and Cities”, and specifically the project book and the European Observatory on Data Protection and e-Government (

The meeting took place at the headquarters of the European Data Protection Supervisor in Brussels, and during its celebration he was given a few specimens of the e-PRODAT book, together with some flyers and other deliverables of the project. Madrid DPA representatives presented, as well, the European Observatory on Data Protection and e-Government (

Mr. Peter Hustinx, European Data Protection Supervisor, who is the author of the e-PRODAT book foreword, congratulated all the partners of the project. During his speech, he put emphasis on the fact that, in the growing area of e-Government and e-based services in the public sector, Data protection is not only a legal obligation that public authorities have to respect and comply with, but also a critical success factor for their ambitions.

The project named “e-PRODAT” ( aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences between Agencies and other public bodies concerning the protection of personal data used by Governments and Public Administrations for the provision of public services, and specially those related to e-Government or based on the Internet, helping in particular to create best practices recommendations in this area. Its leader is the Data Protection Agency of the Community of Madrid.