Press release – project FILES

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A Transnational Workshop was carried out on 7-9 May 2007 in Sweden in the framework of project “FILES: Future- Oriented Implementation of Local Employment Strategies” with the participation of partners from the Regions of Belgium, Greece, Germany and Sweden.

In this Workshop, Mr. Stefanos Michos representing RDF-RWG presented briefly some important up-to-date results of the three pilot actions:
1) Mechanism for Awarding Women and Entrepreneurship and Employment
2) Vocational Training Seminars for Women and Special Population Groups
3) Social Partners’ Forum, as well as the electronic supporting tool for the Social Partners’ Forum.

Additionally, Mrs. Catherine Barlou from INE-GSEE-ADEDY, Mrs. Maria Savvatianopoulou from E.E.O. Group and Mr. Dimitris Karagiannis from BIC of Western Greece further analyzed the progress of the above pilot actions and underlined their final goal. The Greek Partners had the opportunity to be informed on the economic and social system of the host country through the realization of visits at important local bodies (Local Employment Offices, Entrepreneurial Bodies, Incubators of Enterprises, Training Colleges, Enterprises, Technical Colleges, Offices of Social Insurance, etc.).

Mr. Konstantinos Vallindras, member of the Steering Committee of the project, stressed the special emphasis that the Swedish organization model puts on the employment and the creativity of young people, and particularly, the immigrants.