The final SC meeting of e-PRODAT in Patras

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The project, responsible of the European Observatory of Best Practices regarding e-Government and Data Protection, and part-financed by the European Union through its INTERREG IIIC program, celebrated the fifth – and final – meeting of its steering committee in Patras (Greece) last 19th January.

At its Patras meeting, the steering committee of e-PRODAT has approved the works developed since its fourth session celebrated last September, including the different seminars and workshop celebrated to disseminate the European Observatory of Best Practices regarding e-Government and Data Protection ( and other final products such as the project book, the executive summary and the project results brochure.

Thus, the project results have been presented during a European scale seminar held in Madrid 12th December 2006, and in different seminars and workshops organized by project partners, such as those celebrated in l’Aquila (Italy) in September 2006, in Madrid (Spain) in October, in Kavala (Greece) in December, and in Patras (Greece), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain) and Tallinn (Estonia) during January 2007.

Moreover, e-PRODAT has also been presented to International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners such as those participating in the 28th International Conference held in London last November, or the European Data Protection Supervisor in October 2006. Project partners have also approved the incorporation of new best practices on e-Government and Data Protection to the website, and envisage new goals to extend their cooperation in this field in the near future.