e-PRODAT: European Data Protection Best Practices in e-Government services

Short Description

The project aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences between Data Protection Authorities and other public bodies concerning the protection of personal data used by Governments and Public Administrations for the provision of public services, and specially those related to e-Government or based on the Internet, helping in particular to create best practices recommendations in this area.

e-PRODAT has three main goals:

  • The exchange of knowledge and experiences related to personal data protection in public bodies belonging to different European countries.
  • To create an Internet based “European e-Government data protection observatory”, for the permanent assessment on the accomplishment with European data protection laws and principles and the awareness of data protection issues among European citizens.
  • Identifying best data protection practices already in place for e-Government or other public bodies’ services, and building recommendations for increasing data protection standards in the public sector.

Project will last for 24 months, and started 1st February 2005. Total budget reaches 820.000,00 €, while 515.000,00 will be provided by the European Union INTERREG IIIC-South program. Partnership includes:

  • Data Protection Agency of the Community of Madrid (Spain, leading partner)
  • Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate (Estonia)
  • City of Bologna (Italy)
  • Abruzzo Region (Italy)
  • Region of Western Greece (Greece)
  • City of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)
  • Association of local Authorities of the Prefecture of Kavalas (Greece)
  • University King Juan Carlos (Spain)
  • University of Patras (Greece)

The e-PRODAT leaflet

Project Results