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Region of Western Greece has elaborated a Programme of Innovative Actions, which is aiming at supporting decisively the innovation in its geographical and administrative limits while at the same time reducing the "technology gap" that separates it from other more developed Regions in the European Union.

Towards this aim it has chosen to cover through a well-planned number of actions all the three strategic themes of the ERDF with the view of vivifying its regional economy, boosting its regional development, and stressing and maintaining its regional identity. The extensive use of the new information and communication technologies warranties the efficiency of the endeavour and ensures the success of the Programme.

RWG attempts to play a supplementary but crucial role to the application of state-of-the-art and emerging innovative mechanisms and processes to high priority regional sectors of its responsibility, such as competitiveness of SMEs, health and safety of citizens, transition to the new digital economy, and support of the traditional production sector. More...


ACTION 1: Promotion and implementation of innovations for strengthening SMEs competitiveness through recent technological advances.

Results of this action have been the Portal for Innovation in Western Greece and the Cluster Observatory in Western Greece .

ACTION 2: SMEs support for easy transition to the new digital economy.

The following supportive structures have been created under action 2:

ACTION 3: Use of innovative services in the health and safety sectors for the citizens.

The following systems have been developed under action 3:

ACTION 4: Support of organic farming by adoption of innovative technologies.

Action 4 focused on the following activities:

ACTION 5: Participation in an interregional innovation network.

In the framework of action 5 the Interregional Innovation Conference has been organized.

ACTION 6: Technical assistance.